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State Agriculture and Rural Leaders


Resolutions adopted at AgChairs Summits sunset after three years.

2014 (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
  1. Resolution on Norman Borlaug
  2. Resolution on the Food Safety Modernization Act
  3. Resolution on Pollinators
2013 (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  1. Resolution on the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act of 2013
  2. Resolution in Support of Renewable Fuels Standard
  3. Agricultural Protection Resolution
  4. Resolution on Fertilizer Safety
  5. Resolution in Efforts Toward Greater Federal/State Collaboration on Invasive Species Management
  6. Resolution on Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling
  7. Resolution on State Fair Investment
  8. Resolution on Agricultural Labor and Immigration Reform
2013 (Washington, D.C.)
  1. Resolution on Pesticide Certification Reciprocity
  2. Resolution in Support of the Dairy Industry
  3. Resolution on a Comprehensive Farm Bill
  4. Resolution on Country of Origin
  5. Resolution on Due Process
  6. Resolution on Interference with GPS
  7. Resolution on Invasive Species
  8. Resolution on Regulation of Equine Processing Plants
  9. Resolution on State Inspected Meat
  10. Resolution on the Universal Service Fund

Ag Rural Leadership.

The State Agriculture and Rural Leaders Association promotes policysolutions and innovation to serve the agricultural and rural communities of the United States and Canada.

The Farm Bill 

After two years of bickering the U.S. House has passed the Agriculture Act of 2014.  
It authorizes programs through 2018.
This is our abbreviated interpretation of what the Senate will vote on Monday, 2/3/2014

SARL Summary of the Farm Bill

Farm Bill Questions?
email them to corr@sarl.us


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