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Agenda 2015 AgChairs

Available presentations are linked below.

2015 Legislative Ag Chairs Summit | Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Clearwater Beach Florida

Thursday, January 01, 2015 

5:00 pm

Optional Event: Ringling Brothers 2015 Opening Circus, Reservation required

Friday, January 02, 2015

8:00 am

Agriculture Tours. Limited attendance, must preregister 

11:30 am

Buffet Lunch

12:00 pm

Agriculture Site Tours for all attendees- Citrus and Strawberries

6:30 pm

David Ropeik
Helping Policy Makers Address Risk Perception

9:00 - 11:00 pm

Hospitality Suite

Saturday, January 03, 2015

 6:30 am

Buffet Breakfast

 7:00 am

Sponsors breakfast

 8:00 am

Welcome - Senator Larry Rhoden, SARL President



Sustainability, Why it is important to policy makers and how should it be measured?

9:00 -10:15 am

Breakout I


Each breakout session only occurs once, we know it is tough, but you have to choose!  If you want to hear specific speakers, they will speak in order listed. Weather permitting, one session in each group may be outside. Every breakout speaker is asked to ensure that at least 50% of the session is discussion.  It takes your active involvement in the sessions to make them work.  How is this issue playing out in your state/province?


A. State/Provincial Water Quality Initiatives

  • Senator Charles Dean, FL (invited)
  • Mr. Jack Hieb, Richardson, Wyly, Wise, Sauck & Hieb, LLP -presentation
  • Senator Mac Middleton (MD)
  • Mr. Steve Taylor, Missouri Agribusiness presentation
  • Ms. Alix Matos, Cardno
  • MLA Ralph Eichler, Manitoba, Moderator
  • Ben Husch, NCSL Staffing

B. Rural Development Mr. Jack Hieb, Richardson, Wyly, Wise, Sauck &Hieb, LLP

  • Minister Verlyn Olson, Alberta
  • Ms. Ann Franz, New Manufacturing Alliance - presentation
  • Dr. Mark Partridge, Ohio State presentation
  • Representative Donna Pence, ID (Moderator)presentationone-sheet
  • Rich Lindsey, CSG-WEST Staffing

C. Legality/Future/ Regulation of Drones

  • Mr. Michael Toscano, AUVSI
  • Senator Bret Allain, LA - resolution
  • Representative Shelley Hughes, AK (Moderator)
  • Jason Burruel, CSG-WEST, Staffing

D. Veterinary legal and Legislative Issues

  • Dr. Michael Apley (K-State) remarksgraphic
  • Ms. Elizabeth Choate, TVMA
  • Senator Bill Montford, FL
  • Senator Bill Heath, GA, (Moderator)
  • Kate Tormey, MLC/CSG, Staffing

10:30 -11:45 am

Breakout II


A. Drought, Water Conservation Initiatives

  • Senator Galgiani, CA (invited)
  • Dr. Hallie Eakin, Arizona State University - remarks
  • J.D. Strong, Oklahoma Water Resources Board
  • Senator Eddie Fields, OK, (Moderator)
  • Jason Burruel, CSG-WEST, Staffing

B. Young and Beginning Farmers

  • Captain James McCormick, WV - presentation
  • Dr. Kai Schafft, Penn State - article
  • Matt Pelzer, Iowa
  • Representative Kevin Ryan, Moderator
  • Lauren Greer, SCL/CSG Staffing

C. Rural Roads, Rural Road Weights

  • Senator Bill Hansell, OR - presentation
  • Senator Danny Verdin, SC
  • Representative Keith Ripp, WI
  • Mr. James Buchen, James Buchen Public Affairs
  • Representative Wes Belter, ND, Moderator
  • Ben Husch, NCSL, staffing
  • AASHTO Report

D. The Outlook for Carbon Based Energy and Transmission Lines

  • Paul Hibbard, The Analysis Group
  • Lisa Johnson, Florida Electric Power
  • Senator David Johnson, IA, (Moderator)
  • Rich Lindsey, CSG-WEST Staffing



Local Foods are great, but so is sharing the bounty of North America

Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., Gary Doer
Introduction by SARL President, Senator Larry Rhoden

1:30 pm

How Can Agriculture Win the Culture War?

Mr. Brett Bell, Grassroots Online

2:15 - 3:30 pm

Breakout III


A. The Outlook for Renewable Energy and State Policy

  • Chris Namovicz, Energy Information Administration
  • Wyatt Thompson, Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute
  • Senator Tim Kapucian, IA, Moderator
  • Ben Husch, NCSL Staffing

B. Neonicotinoids and Bees

  • Al Summers, Ichiban Apiculture & Honey Co.
  • Reed Johnson, Ohio State University - handout
  • Rep. Tara Sad, NH (Moderator)
  • Kate Tormey, MLC/CSG Staffing
  • Federal report

C. Animal Care Standards Board

  • Jackie Wepruk, Canadian National Farm Animal Care Council
  • Terry Mclure, Ohio Animal Care Standards Board
  • Jim Kaitschuk, Illinois Pork Producers Association
  • Representative Norine Hammond, IL, (Moderator)
  • Karen Marshall, Staffing

D. State Efforts for Local Food Systems

  • Cris Coffin, American Farmland Trust
  • Malini Moraghani, Wholesome Wave
  • Lauren Greer, SLC-CSG Staffing

3:45 pm

Plenary:State/Provincial Legislative Session

  • Right to Farm, Hunt, Rodeo, Senator Brian Munzlinger, Missouri, Senator Bill Hansell, Oregon, and Representative Scott Bounds, Mississippi - presentation on Right to Farm
  • Missouri Captive Cervid Legislation, Representative Jay Houghton, Missouri
  • Michigan Scientific Conservation Citizens Petition, Matt Evans, MUCC
  • GE ballot initiatives, Senator Jerry Sonnenberg, Colorado and Representative Brad Whitt, Oregon
  • Representative Steve Kulik, MA (Moderator)

OPEN DISCUSSION – What about your state/province?  

6:00 PM

Reception and Dinner 


Election Discussion

SARL Past Presidents, Doug Jones, Senator David Johnson (IA) and Senator Bill Heath, (GA) Invitation to 2016, Senator Jerry Sonnenberg

8:00 pm

Farmland, the movie

9:30 - 11:00 pm

Hospitality Suite

Sunday, January 04, 2015

6:30 am

Buffet Breakfast 

8:00 am

Annual Meeting, elections, resolutions

9:00 am

Federal Update, EPA, COOL, FSMA and other Acronyms


Summary of Washington Issues to Impact States

  • Gary Baise, OFW Law - presentation
  • Tyson Redpath, The Russell Group
  • Moderated by Senator Brent Jackson, NC

The FDA, FSMA and the States

  • Mr. Michael Taylor, Deputy Commissioner, FD
  • Moderated by Representative “Doc” Anderson

What the State Departments of Ag are tracking

  • Barb Glenn, NASDA
  • Moderated by Representative “Doc” Anderson
  • may be joined by SARL Alumni, Commissioners Cindy Hyde Smith (MS) and Sid Miller (TX)

Department of Defense, Sentinel Landscapes Partnership

  • Mr. Bruce Beard - presentation
  • Karen Marshall and Lauren Greer  SLC/CSG, Staff

11:00 am

Thank you and conclusion


Senator Larry Rhoden, ND

  • Introduction of new officers and board.
  • Lunch and recap for those who have later flights.