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Legislative Ag Chairs Summit XIV| Clearwater, Florida | January 2-4, 2015

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Consistently reported as the most important meeting of the year by attendees, the Summit expects to have the agricultural and rural legislative leadership from approximately 47 states, 5 Canadian provinces and 2-3 U.S. territories.  SARL provides all on-site expenses for invited state legislators and even funds travel for those in agriculture leadership from states with travel bans. Our sponsors must find the Summit rewarding because we have a 98% return rate and as a result have not generally needed to secure new sponsors.  

Sponsors are permitted the participation of one sponsor representative in SARL membership and voting rights.  The SARL Board includes three industry representatives nominated and voted on at the annual Summit. There is no industry attendance beyond sponsors, so that attendance is limited and one-on-one contact of our sponsors and legislators is maximized.  

Sessions are designed by attendees at previous Summits and must directly pertain to state legislature activity.  For more information on becoming a sponsor, contact Dr. Carolyn Orr at (765) 893-8209 or   To make a donation, click here.

Become a Sponsor!!

As president of State Agriculture and Rural Leaders, I am pleased to invite your participation in the Legislative Agricultural Chairs Summit, the unique annual event that brings together elected agriculture and rural development leaders from the United States and Canada.

With your generous help, SARL is ready to continue hosting the only national educational forum for state and provincial lawmakers with agriculture and rural responsibilities.  SARL keeps growing because of the increasing need for legislative leaders to plant sound, science-based agriculture and rural policy in their states and provinces. Profit at the farm gate and vibrant rural communities require informed policy-making and collaboration on the part of elected officials at all levels. This is what SARL strives for in all of our activities.

Our 2015 annual meeting is January 2-4, 2015, in Clearwater, Florida, and we are requesting your participation and support of this Summit. We expect to limit attendance to approximately 220 attendees. SARL pays all on-site expenses for participating legislators and provides travel funds for those from states with travel limits.  

We boast a high return rate for our private industry members, with most providing support from the very first Summit in 2002.  We are opening up for additional sponsors this year so that we can expand our legislative invitations just slightly to include  up-and-coming legislators from key states. As a result, your support becomes more important and far- reaching than ever.

The advisory board, made up of public and private industry members from the 2014 Summit has been working hard on the agenda and speaker selection. If you have suggestions for this agenda, we need to hear from you as soon as possible. The agenda continues to be designed to present you a unique opportunity to discuss your critical issues with state and provincial leaders from across the U.S. and Canada on a one-to-one basis. We believe that your participation is extremely important and that you will find your involvement mutually beneficial.

Your involvement is critical to the continuing success of the Summit. It would not exist without financial support from the agriculture industry, and we trust that you will find your involvement to be very beneficial. Private industry members will get recognized on all Summit materials, will have an opportunity to include information for attendees and, most important, provide you the opportunity to meet and work with true leaders in agriculture and rural policy in the state legislatures.

Members, both public and private get full voting privileges for Board, Officers and resolutions and the opportunity to help plan the next Summit. Membership includes registration for two attendees at the Summit.  Only private industry members and legislators are permitted to attend the Summit, there is no public or press registration.

We hope that you will give strong consideration to becoming involved in SARL and the Legislative Agriculture Chairs Summit.  It is a decision you will not regret.  Thank you very much for your consideration. We look forward to working with you in hosting another successful Summit in 2015.


State Senator LArry Rhoden
South Dakota
SARL President

January 2-4, 2015 | Clearwater, Florida


DISPLAY TABLES:  There will be space for sponsors to put a small (two foot) display about your company or put out company materials in the main meeting room.  Please let Carolyn know if you intend to use this area. 

LEGISLATION:  There will be a session on “Successful Ag and Rural Legislation Awards.” Please be thinking of a bill or bills you would like submitted and send to Carolyn Orr at

LOGO:  We need your newest logo in electronic format as soon as possible. Please send to

SUMMIT MATERIALS: You are provided the opportunity to include material in the summit folders. Please Contact Carolyn Orr about how to send this information. 


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