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Legislative Ag Chairs Summit XIII | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | January 3-5, 2014

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Donate to Legislative Ag Chairs

If you would like to support the 2014 Legislative Ag Chairs Summit with a credit card, you can do so with confidence through PayPal. State Agriculture and Rural Leaders Legislative Agriculture Chairs Summit brings together leaders in agriculture to investigate and develop creative and collaborative ways to address timely issues related to agriculture and rural policy. This special gathering of the leadership of the state House and Senate Agriculture Committees, Rural Caucuses, and committees that over see Rural Revitalization takes place January 3-6 in Oklahoma City. 

Industry and individual support for this program is the energy that makes it work. This is a unique opportunity to address key issues with state agriculture and rural leadership as well as experts from across the country and we invite you to participate through sponsorship. Attendance is limited; the 2013 meeting had 150 state and provincial legislators from 45 states and 6 Canadian provinces.

All on-site expenses (registration, rooms, meals) are provided by the Summit to state and provincial legislators, and travel scholarships are available for those without state or campaign travel funds. Continually decreasing state and provincial support for travel requires us to provide these scholarships. We do not want lack of state funds to inhibit a legislator’s participation. In order to continue to support attendance, we must have your support.  Contributions from the private sector are absolutely crucial to accomplishing this program.

Platinum sponsors at the $6000 level receive recognition on all materials and two free registrations.  Gold sponsors at $3000 receive recognition and one registration.  But the real reward comes from working with the state legislators that participate. 

This conference has quickly become the leading meeting for state agriculture leadership in the nation and a model for other interest groups. 

As a private industry member you are a full member of SARL and will;

  • vote on resolutions and board members.
  • be recognized on all Summit materials, SARL’s website and signage.
  • be provided the opportunity to include information in the attendee packet.
  • be provided a display area if requested.
  • receive free registration for up to two company officials.
  • receive discounted registration for additional company staff.
  • help plan the agenda (for 2014 and 2015 - depending on the timing of your commitment).
  • be supporting the publication of Ag Clips, the only national weekly ag newsletter targeted for state officials.
  • be able to use your sponsorship as a tax deduction since SARL is a 501 c(3).

Please click the button below to donate to the Summit. Confirmation of your donation and sponsor registration material will be sent to you.  Donations exceeding $2,000 will need to be verified by PayPal or broken into smaller amounts. Click the button below to support us. Thank you.

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